Healthy Grocery List Ideas for College Students

Healthy Grocery List Ideas for College

Study mode: brain powered by boxed salt and canned sugar.

Are you ready to stop mac & cheese madness without breaking the beer (sorry parents) budget?

Forgo the freshman fifteen, and forget the fake food you make when you’re only half awake. There is a better way!

Let’s help college students feed themselves better while they’re away at school. Here at we know dorm food isn’t everyone’s favorite and you can’t rely on care packages all the time.

We also recognize you’re probably broke, and besides, it’s mostly bad places that are open at all the times you want to eat.

Now that mom’s not constantly filling up the fridge or the pantry (that’s your drawer), we’re starting you off with a simple list of things to buy. Then we’ll move on to easy ways to use the groceries.

*The star means these are dry goods that don’t need refrigeration, which you can eat raw and/or cook in a microwave.

  • A couple of oranges on sale or a giant big fancy one*
  • Same with bananas, you might have to weight them*
  • A baking potato or two. Do you like sweet potato? Try it baked*
  • A small bag of store brand frozen corn. Not fancy brand
  • Get frozen or fresh brocolli or cauliflower, 1$ worth. Do the math.
  • Get one more crunchy, cold veg on the cheap. Carrots or celery
  • Can of black beans. Or chickpeas. (If you like Mexican or Italian food)*
  • Yogurt, but try for lower sugar variety. Usually means no fruit in it
  • Small package of pasta–which is your favorite shape?
  • Little box of low sodium chicken broth or vegetable stock. Get two*
  • Package of good tortillas or wraps for both tacos and sandwiches*
  • A chunk of medium cheddar cheese, and one of swiss or mozzarella
  • A package of crackers with five or less ingredients on the label* Read
  • Veggie sticks and organic tortilla chips* They’re good, crunchie. Try
  • Salsa. Try an authentic brand, or look in the natural aisle. Less sugar
  • Brown rice Minute Rice
  • Eggs
  • Deli counter: 1/3 pd. lean roast beef, lean Polish ham, best looking turkey
  • Peanut butter* Maybe get the one with less sugar. It’s very nutty
  • How about a loaf of bread? Sourdough? 100% nutty wholegrain?*
  • Do you like hummus? It’s so good for you. Get a flavored one
  • Something else that’s creamy and nice to have around–cream cheese
  • Raisins or another package of dried fruit. Craisins. Apricots*
  • A small bottle of olive oil*
  • A mini spice assortment (ex: Italian seasoning, Tabasco, lemon pepper)*
  • A gallon of milk–if milk is your thing. If you work out, add chocolate
  • 1 – 1.5 lb. of ground chuck or turkey that you separate into 4 – 6 burgers & freeze
  • (That means you need little freezer bags)
  • Small package of chicken breasts. Maybe you’ll get two
  • Get a big jar of real nice pasta sauce. Read the label. Try for no corn syrup.
  • Nuts. Brain food and protein filler. Walnuts & peanuts are cheapest*
  • Do you like tea?* Coffee? Good instead of beer and soda. Juice is also high sugar
  • Honey is kinda of neat to have around, for tea, and cooking. And sore throats*
  • Treat: Big dark chocolate bar. Or semi-sweet, even, if dark is too bitter*

10 Healthy Ideas for No-Chill College Groceries

  1. Peanut butter sandwich (add banana or dried fruit)
  2. Bread, dipped in olive oil and spices
  3. Melt chocolate in micro, dip in orange slices
  4. Mix nuts with dried fruit, add a little choclate
  5. Wrap peanut butter and raisins in tortilla to go
  6. Bean and salsa tortilla wrap, add chips inside
  7. Bake potato in micro then add olive oil & Italian spice
  8. Heat box of broth with beans, spices & add Minute Rice
  9. Have a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate. Relax
  10. Pour a small bowl of natural salty snacks. Don’t panic

14 Easy Ways to To Eat with a Healthy College Grocery List

  1. Plate of cheese & crackers with dried or fresh fruit
  2. Cheese quesadillas, beans and salsa are optional
  3. Put your veggies & crackers in your hummus. Top with nuts.
  4. Put your cream cheese on veg & crackers. Top with fruit.
  5. Micro Minute rice flavored with broth, add cheese & spices
  6. Nachos: Melt chesese on tortilla chips, add beans & salsa
  7. Boil water and get some pasta done. Heat the sauce. Boom
  8. You have little ground meat packages to add to pasta sauce
  9. Burgers: cheese on top, put in wraps or eat on bread
  10. Chicken, cook and take meat off the bone–mix in pasta
  11. Rest of chicken meat: soft tacos, nachos, in broth, rice
  12. You have bread, tortillas & lunchmeat: sandwiches & wraps
  13. Cheesy baked potato with broccoli, or with pasta sauce
  14. Make eggs…add to above: 2, 7, 10, 13. Scramble in pasta, too!

Win Free Food

I’d love you to go to grocery store with $25 – $35, buy as many foods off this list as you can, and report back here with the results. So I’m tempting you with free food.

To enter the contest, comment below or email a pic of your store receipt, the name of the college you go to, and a list of the meals and snacks you made off the list included in this post. Say what you ate with this food, for how many days. If you came up with new stuff, let me know!

The winner with the most effective use of the grocery list dollar for dollar (judging by health, quality, ease and creativity of foods eaten) will win a $15 gift certificate to the grocery store they shopped at, or The deadline for entries is September 12, 2013.

Good Luck!

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